Saturday, July 24, 2010

Personas - Firefox you what to wear today?

Personas is a Mozilla Labs introduced the expansion. Its role is to replace Firefox toolbar background. Its slogan is: "Today your browser what to wear? (What will your browser wear today?)". The expansion was so shanzhai, IE can be replaced in the N years ago the background of the toolbar.

Results are as follows, not only have the toolbar background, the tab bar there, and become transparent tab bar, status bar also has:

Install Personas, replace the topic, please visit the official website. Of course, you can create your own theme.

In the Options dialog box check the "Show Custom Persona in menu", then click the status bar to the left of the little fox icon, select "Custom Persona 鈫?Edit", the pop-up window can be edited.

Toolbar PNG or JPG image format requirements, a width of 3000 pixels, height 200 pixels, size is less than 300 KB. Asked about the status bar of the picture, the different height of 100 pixels is required. Only private, then the same pixel resolution on your trip.


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