Monday, October 18, 2010

Recognition by your new company interviews

Most people in the job search process, go through the interview process. However, have you ever thought constantly observed by the interviewer, asked, analysis, evaluation process, job seekers can also take the opportunity to identify businesses.

Everyone more or less be some job experience. Job seekers for a flood of written tests, interviews and making preparations layers retest. It appears that job-seekers in a passive state, continually observed by the interviewer, asked, analysis, evaluation, in fact, looked at another way, this process is job "interview" an excellent business opportunity.

Again and again by interview candidates to advance through increasingly difficult for candidates to prepare the response, taking into consideration its real level. However, the vast majority of candidates the same as the interviewer can not do a good job was "to question the" preparation. In this case, the candidates use of one or two strokes surprise "attack, retreat and defend" the trick, perhaps play a "post-rock hair and" effect, the first to step to the real business of the family property Investigation 1.

"Sally" was the story of

Late 19th century, the maritime industry prospered. The captain of the Spanish man called David, ran a huge shipping group controlled the routes leading to many countries around the world. In his shipping group, the largest boat traffic, "sari" number is the group's flagship vessels, assume the group's most important shipping tasks. But that frustration is that David has been unable to find a suitable person as a "sari" captain. David has a large amount of money from the shipping community in digging a few experienced and legendary master to preside over the "sari" number. The strange thing is, every captain finally failed in their other fleet capacity shown here has been a remarkable challenge. Although the captain had to do her best, but the "sari" number of operating performance is still plummeting. David agonizing over a long time, finally figured out a fact: not the master of their ability to not work, but the design itself is flawed position. This post is like a huge black hole, no one set foot on this post who are not escape the outcome of failure.

"Sari" number of stories in the workplace, often cited, people like "sari" No. No one can master this position qualified as "widow-type jobs."

Identification of "widowhood type jobs"

Unfortunately, if you "hit" on the "widowhood type jobs," My advice is, unless you have special competence, confidence,

Otherwise, the more appropriate or conservative. So, how to identify the "widow-type jobs, do?"

In general, towards the end of the interview, the interviewer out of courtesy or habit, often asks candidates if there are other problems to the interviewer to answer. Do candidates have to seize this opportunity to ask questions 1-2, the one you feel the interviewer done enough homework before they come, reflecting the candidate's attention to you; Second, the chance to learn more about The applicant company, job specific information. If you do not particularly want to ask, my suggestion is that you can ask, "Why did you open recruitment of certain posts" - this problem is to identify the status of "widow-type job" is critical.

For enterprises, some jobs are the needs for growth, some business expansion needs, but some of the surface, because companies do not always find the right person, the purpose of holding Ningquewulan seats to be empty again and again, the real it is set on the post itself as seriously flawed and resulted in frequent substitutions. This is the workplace, "widowed type positions," a typical example.

Therefore, if the interviewer to answer this question, equivocation, or you know from the examiner's mouth several former, then perhaps the post you apply for the obvious "fuzzy zone", you should seriously had.

"Sari" number of stories in the workplace, often cited, people like "sari" No. No one can master this position qualified as "widow-type jobs."

Recognition Corporate Culture

Corporate culture important to personal development. A smart job seekers, it is easy to filter out during the interview process information about corporate culture, business environment to determine whether it is fair, you can also determine if the entry of the enterprise, whether the increase in channel constraints.

Sometimes interviewers will ask candidates a number of health, marriage, children, family and other personal details of life issues. That always some tendency to Pulu Chu enterprises, some of which may be discriminatory. For such companies, job seekers in making the entry decision, should be cautious.

Of course, some businesses interviewer asking the questions, do not want to bring the subjective "discrimination" mark, objective result could backfire. This only shows that the enterprises of the candidates for interview, without careful design and planning framework for the interview, the interview was too arbitrary, leading to "mistakes." This company, its culture is not perfect, because as a corporate human resources staff of important decisions, in dealing with the issue is too random, pairs of individuals, on professional development Fei Chang negative.

In short, the interview process can become candidates and employers each part thoroughly. Of the enterprises, can be identified through the interview and retain qualified personnel favorite; on candidates who can also reduce the many uncertainties, so that their final choice of the stability factor and the safety index significantly improved, so more conducive to maintaining personal continuity of professional development.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Distributors to seize the initiative to prevent being cut off

Business has no friends, only interests. As a regional distributor manufacturers, out of interest considerations, the subordinate distributors cut, this kind of thing in the domestic market have occurred, as the distributors, although I think that anger, but how can like it ? In fact, the business cooperation are mutually beneficial, if the cooperation of one of the parties feel that their interests will be threatened, he will definitely take some action. We also often hard to see a distributor wings, cut the total distribution, but this is risky, if the total distribution to take drastic reprisals, distributors will bear is likely to eat away; Conversely, the total distribution cut distributors, like normal, but it will also appear several situations: one distributor to take revenge, there is two forms will be taken and rapidly changing commodity marketing similar products, with a price advantage against the original product; second distributor to court, to recover their own right.

Since the market with a total disregard for distributor marketing for many years of painstaking efforts, to take drastic measures, the removal of the fruits of victory, and this distributor is not fair, therefore, as a distributor, in cooperation with the total distribution to reach agreements, whether oral or a text, you should aim to prevent, and in future operations to seize the initiative to prevent the total distribution was cut off. Then the distributor where the initiative?

I feel that the following aspects:

A contract binding: a brother, Ming afterwards

Many distributors and the general distributor of the relations are good, especially early in the product market, the total distribution will be as strong support for distributors, resellers will experience confidant that this early in the product market, as both target consistent, as far as possible to boost sales, manufacturers in return for greater support, so this time cooperation should be the honeymoon period, distributors is often committed at this stage, the first error in the commercial co-operation, interest is the deciding factor In the initial cooperation would not understand you, to all parties to take into account the interests and powers, including the cooperation of more details, passing the buck to the future there may be something written into the agreement at this time on, laid for long-term cooperation basis. Be the first villain, after the gentleman, brothers, out afterwards.

With the contract binding, at least in the legal level, the establishment of a protective wall to prevent the total distribution Xiemoshalv, perfidious. No matter how good the relationship between the total distribution, when the irreconcilable interests, the conflict will always occur, then the contents of the contract will become a distributor of the first line of defense, at least in the absence of signs of the total distribution will not be the case, cut out of your franchise, which won for the part-time distributors to seek countermeasures.

Second, the information collected: see the wind, look for countermeasures

Under the general distribution as distributors, manufacturers must be good at collecting information (manufacturer's information often affects the overall distribution of decision-making), in the process, several aspects of work to do:

One advantage of factory operations personnel to visit the market or to help make the total distribution sales agreement when the closer relationship, snooping manufacturer's new policy, marketing strategies, their front-line staff as the market, the amount of information that will be rich, not only The company, it happens some of the important information they may be well known, so sales personnel through close contact with manufacturers, manufacturers see new trends, industry trends and so on.

Second, and more concerned about their business products, industry news, business news, if conditional, the company's Web site frequently to see that some companies have the internal magazine, have collected as much as possible, to do research;

Third, peers of similar products, although peer is enemy, but there are still a common topic, under normal circumstances, between the policy will inquire into each other's sales, sales, company, or on-line dealer support;

Fourth, the same factory management products distributors, as each of the regional differences, the market environment is different, competition in the Qing Kuang Ye different Nenggou Jinxinggoutong more with them, this could Lianluo feelings among peers, on the other hand can Xianghutantao operation of the market approach, the most important is the sharing of information, if there is adverse information on the distributors can be combined together. Such as the total distribution to different distributors policies is not the same, market support is not the same, this information is in the course of business negotiations with the total number of weight distribution.

Collected from the market on these information, to be good at analysis, favorable to itself to good use, on its own detriment, and to actively seek solutions to the way the fight for the issues of potential dealt with under 鍦?bud out.

In fact, the market information collection, one is for their own business can do better, on the other hand is to prevent changes in the company or changes in the total distribution, if we are not prepared ahead of time will inevitably suffer. In some cases, the distributor is the factory cut policy, is to be able to enhance the control of the market is the corporate development strategy decisions, sometimes entirely driven by the interests of the total distribution, some basic mature market distributors cut, distributors, and the total absence of well-signed distribution contracts with the verbal commitment completely out of the trust or to reach a partnership, therefore, the distributor cut is the victims.

In order to prevent the total distribution before your big you cut them down, should Big World, ears, always pay attention to market changes, or even the total distribution to knock sidelines, take measures in advance that if the total distribution can not find out about your number, in order to maintain market stability, in fact, sales continued to grow, under normal circumstances, the total distribution will not rashly action.

Third, make a backup: eat one, possession of a

We turn first to distributors of its own, mostly in the third and fourth tier markets, there are some in the first and second edge of the market, finally made up their products, the total distribution to recover the distribution rights, obviously the market is itself a sweat to do a tear out, but now is life and life's taken away, how do?

We know that in general computers have automatic backup function, this is actually a set of self-protection, another example of human skin, are stimulated if, it will automatically shrink, it is also a kind of self-protection. In general, as a distributor, nor can its fall tree, do not put all your eggs in one basket, that is, all the energy is in a product, there are special circumstances, such as Wahaha has been taken is to jointly sell the body of the business model, Gree air-conditioning to the cooperative or joint ventures operating market, so they can go all out to do market dealers. As distributors, and manufacturers has a barrier, can reach a joint sales and total distribution agreement, can reach a joint operation with the total market distribution agreements, which are unknown. Therefore, as a distributor, to make a full heart preparation, in addition to operating a good core product, but also a substitute product.

Of course, some products are not allowed to multi-species management can only be exclusive, if it is exclusive, then the need for a standardized contract constraints and market policies, support, or else, if you cut down the total distribution will be costly. If the distributors have a backup product, at least not worry about losing all of a sudden the market.

Back up is stress, if manufacturers do not strictly managed, can have differences of operating such products, such as the price differential (high-price products business, etc.), or there are different channels (such as taking food sources, etc.) This will not only complement your product line, but also increase profits. If the total distribution or manufacturers strict management, not engage in similar products, if you think the business prospects of a good market, then the method can take perpetrating a fraud operation, you can access the same products to their friends and family to do so, or altogether on the operation do not conflict with the core products of the product. There are many ways always, but the core product in the well to operate only under the premise of other backup products.

You have a backup product, of course, you are not afraid of the total distribution Lai Kan, perhaps when you some loss, but you carefully run your backup product, or even go against the original product, the total distribution, it can not but say that is a kind of threat.

Fourth, to control key elements: not the most important, but indispensable

As a distributor, their own interests in order not to be arbitrarily trampled on the total distribution, the core elements necessary to control the market, so that the total distribution are you may not be the most important, but indispensable.

We know that distributors face are mainly two groups: First, end users, the second is the consumer. Focus on these two groups end customers, only through a large number of end-user distribution, the product can translate into real consumption. In this case, the distributor may also play a market nurturing. For example, some milk distributors to do the activities in the community, provides home delivered milk, direct contacts with consumers, this is a customer resource. However, the following distributors in most cases on the end customer, and end-user has a large and dispersed, how such a terminal network firmly in their hands, our role in this market is not the most important, but indispensable role. Such as distributors in their market control of a wide range of social relationships, can often do buy, then the relationship established Group buy is a scarce resource.

Although the number of end customers, but also separate the three, six, nine and so on, to seize the crucial 20% or more, so that these important customers to become their own iron, in this case, at least a confrontation with the total distribution a weight.

In addition, government functions and departments of the relationship is also a resource, in their own interests are threatened in, You need to take some very rules of Shouduan Lai defend their interests. Of course, the best method is the time when their own strength to strength, because you control the total distribution of scarce resources or the strength of will not to act rashly. You may not always be the best distribution of the following distributors, but your presence is indispensable in this market can be had.


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