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Drastic clever second control dealer

New investment will progress smoothly, dealers pledged, but in the end found after dealer monopoly on resources, but not hard work. No brand and financial strengths of the product, how dealers lies in the dark strokes skillfully control?

Zhengzhou City, A beverage company headquarters, New JP is hot to the order will be. A boss on the orders will be confident, because good products and have ads pre-bombing, dealers and market products have a certain understanding; while later the dealer there is strong policy support promotions, JP had a good start should not be difficult . Sure enough, the order will be opened very successful, some network is good, great strength of dealers pledged to join entered.

However, a few months later, the market response to JP New but average. Through investigation, A company discovered only in the monopoly distributor of brand resources, the right hand after the distribution, and not really hard work.

Reason is not hard to understand. A company such as small and medium enterprises, a no brand at all, nor a lot of funds to carry out the promotion, in order to start the new market in a short time, only the power of strikes, and the help of dealers. But dealers are not stupid, the promotion of new products have a large investment, the result is good or bad, anybody's guess; though A has promotional support, but simply a new product promotions will be able to do together? With all one's strength to do this under the new, not like to wait and see, such as done in other markets and then I follow up on both effort and secure. A company that is the idea that most dealers.

Therefore, the current place in the A major difficulty is in front of dealers to concentrate on how to work as soon as possible to JP New to the market. Direction is clear, how to solve it?

Clerk who appeared in a breakthrough

A noted strength of the larger distributors are usually enterprise operations, with 5 to 20 salesmen, and with a dedicated business manager, distributors, employers are playing the role of strategic decision-making, many have been away from the daily market operation. Therefore, the salesman is the true market contacts, who control the channels of competition is the most critical factor, they are the distributor (business) and the bridge between terminals.

However, dealers generally pay more attention to the boss for the project and market inputs are often contingent on the business lightly, or even to continue to lower the treatment cost clerk result clerk of migrant workers and brought sales force turnover implementation is weak, confusing procedures, market maintenance and development of serious capacity problems.

Dealer business bigger and bigger, salesman more and more business are getting confused. Business team problems have become more significant dealer development obstacles.

Of the A company, this is the opportunity.

Snatch control of channel

To steal

One to help dealers develop new markets, training sales team, enhance the market competitiveness of the program, started in Zhengzhou market implementation. Of course, the ulterior motives, A aims to cut into the dealer's daily management.

1. To dealers at the core to set up offices, the establishment of a director, according to dealers in the strength and extent of the market size, with 3 to 5 experienced salesman. Office of primary responsibility is to help dealers develop networks, all members of the management by the dealer, including job performance evaluation.

2. To help dealers establish and improve work processes and regulations, in particular the establishment of a terminal file management system. Accordingly, the dealers of the market development process and the maintenance of very well informed. Of course, the Office of the dealer to have mastered the basic network.

3. Marketing to send trainers to train the dealer's salesman. Through training, agents will not only improve the ability to work, but also by the A corporate culture nurtured into A marketing team for the future foundation.

Wang, Zhengzhou City, the dealer is on the A's decision to support. Wang, smart calculations: Business staff of high quality, well distributed in the market to complete the task, JP promising products; not to mention A I sent five salesmen for the disposal, equivalent to an annual saving for me salaries for more than a million expenditure.

Office after the establishment of the Pharaoh of the market expanded, management more standardized, clerk of quality, and enhanced market to maintain, but also established a good market image.

Office of the distribution of the Pharaoh does not discount the work of the Executive up, half down, Pharaoh's task ease, and he gradually developed and maintained many markets work to the office.

To reward control clerk

Gradually from the dealer to the constraints should not come up against constraints from dealers.

Although the team offices and distributors in the business mix as a whole work together, but the office of the dealer's business team does not control basis.

A decision was that any new sales JP is very aggressive, good performance dealer sales staff will receive sales awards. Sales Awards set a number of awards, almost Wang JP products salesman involved in distribution (about all the clerk of the 1 / 3) are covered, with the highest award up to 1,000 yuan (and the salesman's base salary equivalent) .

As the stakes, salesman had a dependency on this income, they began to JP products as the highlight of the A's instructions strictly, and appeared in the business of encouraging each other catch up with the situation.

A bonus issue behind the intention is "to me will prosper, who resist shall perish": those who obey not only access to material rewards, but also become the focus of training objects A; and against me, not only economically by the "blow "may also be due to" no convergence "and isolated.

Wang was not nearly as docile clerk, and that this was clerk of the results of economic power was transferred, then proposed to return prize money for the initiative, the Office of course quit. After consultations, Wang can personally handed the bonus salesman hands, but the office is still responsible for prize evaluation.

To some extent, to meet the requirements of the Pharaoh, but the clerk also clear that the money or the Agency, who came forward presentation is just a formality.

Perpetrating a fraud control business backbone

Typically, the dealer owner of the business of the pillar is particularly high regard. However, the best salesmen in the performance and after income reaches a certain height, usually to pursue higher growth space and "accomplishment", but this demand is difficult to get the dealer to meet, so backbone mobility always be kept very . And management more standardized, there is a greater advantage of the promotion of space enterprise is the backbone of the main flow distributor.

A company was raised to long-term incentive dealer salesman, dealer salesman can be included in A's overall human resources planning. In other words, a salesman for as long as the performance of outstanding dealers, they can become A staff.

Wang expressed his opposition: the performance of a good salesman to poach business, is in fact undermining the foundation dug dealers will have a direct impact on the conduct of their business and team stability.

In order to dispel concerns Wang, A commitment to Pharaoh, they awarded the promotion of the salesman will continue to be responsible for Pharaoh's market, and if Pharaoh necessary, instead of Pharaoh, and recruitment systems training sales staff to fill its staff departures vacancies.

A Pharaoh finally accepted this approach. He believes that a salesman had been promoted may not be able to stay on, now, must not let opportunities outsiders field, for me anyway, eventually contribute.

Reluctant to leave

In order to accept the dealer's salesman at heart and love of A Company, to promote new products as their own careers JP, A also used the hearts and minds of the move operation.

The trade union clerk warmth of home: A company's trade unions are active dealers absorption salesman for members, trade unions not only often organize events and festivals and birthday in the payment of gifts.

Provide learning opportunities: Every year, the clerk to arrange a group of dealers A study tour of corporate headquarters, and the A's staff that they work together to learn, understand A company's production and workflow.

Selected each year stages a variety of Honor Award: honors include the excellent staff, senior salesman, business elite and other titles, distributor salesman also named targets, and once was named salesman of advanced, its owner will be rewarded. This move prompted the distributors of the awards event awareness and support.

Through the implementation of these measures, so that dealer salesman teams formed a cohesive team of highly motivated distributors Pharaoh saw salesman, but also happy in his heart.

A company in a series of actions under the dealer Pharaoh see their business team has undergone a qualitative change: the implementation of more strength, and work more orderly, and more dedicated and more passionate a; market expanding, particularly in is the JP products, is becoming the focus of business, and this thrust is not its own launched. Of course, other brands thrown to the olive branch, its seems very difficult to have unnatural.

Then Pharaoh had issued such a sigh: "Although the daily operation of the hand was inserted A, but A relatively good friend, now earn more than the original to such close relations is the co-existence and common prosperity."

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