Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HTML 5 in change?

Recently more and more news on HTML5, perhaps we from the next generation of Web development standards have been getting closer. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Well, first of all "Firefox 3.5" and "Safari 4.0" user access "HTML 5 Canvas and Audio Experiment" to see this site. The site uses HTML 5's "canvas" tag and compose the picture (more details, see the report before 51CTO: go into the details of new elements in HTML 5), using "audio" tag to play music. I have tried in the context of Firefox 3.5 was the best play.

This level of site, only with Web Standards and Technology can make out. If in the past, to build such a site, usually by Adobe Systems of the United States "Flash" to achieve. Flash and so on need to install a special plug-in Web browser, on the users it was "uncalled for" things. However, due to "YouTube" and so most video sites use Flash, so Flash is very popular in the PC, has to actually be called the "standard" level.

Maybe people would think that being the case, then as the development of HTML 5 will not have another standard instead. Indeed, PC have been made in Flash, and the U.S. Microsoft's "Internet Explorer" on the HTML 5's support has been slow. However, if turning to outside the PC, then the HTML 5 will have to much influence.

To smart phones, for example, the U.S. Apple's "iPhone" in a number of HTML 5 on the use of performance indicators. United States, Palm's "Palm Pre" is true. In addition, the United States, Apple's mobile phone platform "Android" is also used in HTML 5 elements.

HTML 5 to be popular in the smart phone on one of the reasons lies in its function. Particularly as to save the data in the local database, so even in the case without access to the network, the application can still run. Full advantage of this feature of the product, comes as Palm Pre. Used in the Palm Pre "Palm webOS", only with a combination of HTML and JavaScript description of the application. also the first iPhone application development intended to be limited to Web technology, launched in 2007 when the consumer has not been understood. The Palm's approach was considered to be technologically advanced.

Today's era of rapid change. HTML 5 because it is standard technology, therefore, is not only a PC and smart phones, and likely to be adopted by most other equipment. Thus, if the application for the development of HTML 5, it can hardly strenuous support of most of the equipment. This content and application developers, very attractive. This is because, like the beginning of this article describes the pursuit of complex visual effects, as the website, will be viewed not only in the PC, smart phone can also ordinary mobile phone and even comes with support for HTML 5 appliances on the browser to browse.

HTML5 is not only changing standards for Web development, is also changing our various end digital equipment, this technology closer to our lives change, but also more interesting.

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